Our Trip to Carmel

Friday after work, Michael and I headed to Carmel, Indiana (about 20 miles north of Indianapolis) to visit Michael’s brother, Kevin.  Kevin recently moved there for a job, so we made the 3 hour drive so we could check out his new digs! Michael & Kevin had plans to golf on Saturday morning, so I Googled things to do in Carmel to keep me busy for a few hours.  I came across the Carmel Farmers Market and knew I had to check it out.  When I pulled up to the farmers market, I knew it was going to be a good one!

There were hundreds of people and tons of vendors. I was actually a little overwhelmed, but really enjoyed just walking around and checking out all the vendors.  I got to Preservation’s station and my eyes were immediately drawn to their Banana Butter.  The girls at the station offered me a sample, and once I tasted it, I was in love! This stuff was AMAZING!

Surprisingly, this was the only item I purchased at the farmers market. 

I then made my way down to what they call the Carmel Arts District.  It is a street lined with restaurants, shops, and galleries.  Every block had these really neat statues, and I often had to do a double take because they looked so real.

After walking around for a little bit, I was craving a refreshing drink.  I walked past Tea Buds Brewing Co.and they had a jug of a fruity iced tea on the sidewalk for people to sample.  I had a taste, and decided to go inside and check it out.  Now, I’m not much of a tea drinker, so I was I was happy to see they had much more than just tea.  Luckily, the man working was very friendly and helpful in helping me decide what to order.  He said their bubble tea was very popular, and he walked me through the steps in making my very own concoction!

For my base tea, I chose strawberry hibiscus. I then got to pick 2 flavored syrups, and the worker recommended strawberry & kiwi, so I went with it. You then pick the flavor of boba (those little things that burst in your mouth). Again, I went with the worker’s recommendation and chose the Yogurt Popping Boba. This drink was so light & refreshing! I could hardly taste the tea flavor, which is exactly what I wanted.

After I enjoyed my bubble tea, I decided to a go to a neat outdoor mall in the area.  I bought a couple things at Dick’s, and bought a dress for a couple weddings we have coming up.  Shopping always wears me out, so I decided to head back to the apartment to relax a little before the guys got back from golfing.

Check back later to see where we went for dinner!

Have you ever explored a new city on your own?

Are you a coffee or tea drinker? Or neither?

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9 thoughts on “Our Trip to Carmel

    1. fitfortherun Post author

      I had it today in my oatmeal and it was GOOD! The girl at the booth told me to try it in ice cream :)

  1. Anna

    Banana butter?! That sounds so delicious I have to find it somewhere! I love coffee and am also not much of a fan of tea – the taste has just always been strange to me.


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